Monday, September 29, 2008

Very Interesting...

A red-meat-eater in a Prius is probably hurting the environment more than a vegan in a Hummer.

The U.N. also is calling for governments to launch campaigns to reduce meat eating. If they do, such efforts will probably start in Europe, then sweep through every city, town, village and hamlet in Asia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica before the U.S. Department of Agriculture stops propagandizing on behalf of meat without any regard for human or environmental health.

Which brings us back to individual abstinence. We're not calling for a vegan revolution, but this page has noted that a sincere personal effort to fight global warming must include a reduction in eating red meat. Were fish sticks on Fridays really that bad?

*Good foods coop (Lexington, KY)
*A friend of mine sent me this. I had no idea meat made a difference... anyone know more?


stephanie said...

im annoyed. i love meat. i love to eat animals. LOVE. it brings joy to my life, a smile on my face.

Cameron said...

yeah i posted a video like a month ago about this from

i think i have eaten meat 1 time since your mom's arbonne party a few months ago. my next goal is to give up fast food, sugar and cheese. i watched this guy on ellen today talk about cheese and sweets. he wrote a book called Breaking the Food Seduction.

Cameron said...

oh this is the link to what i posted: