Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Offshore Drilling

How do you feel about offshore drilling?
McCain pro vs Obama con...Why?
Gas is $4.25 here...its hurting
But will it hurt the environment?
Please clue me in!


Yoli said...

It would be cheaper in the long run and better for the environment if our country put more effort into public transportation. It works for SEVERAL contries in the EU (gas has been way more expensive there than here for years and they all seem to get araound just fine). I can get from London to Switzerland on a bus or train easier than I can get from Bloomington, IN to Chicago. Come on!!! YES! Off shore drilling is NOT GOOD for the environment Em. Check out all of the recent natural disaters we've had. Flooding in the Midwest, Katrina a few years ago, the earth quake in China, the typhoon in Phillipines. Off shore drilling will only make it worse man.

Petie said...

Thought of you, check out this article: