Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Nevada Caucus

"The country is in the process of turning the page. We want to move in a new direction in this country. A new generation of leadership is going to rise up to meet the challenges of the future."
-Barack Obama
February 18,2007
Las Vegas, NV

I am so excited to move to Nevada at this time. I plan on attending the caucus January 19th. Below are a few reason I really like him. I need to research other candidates more but right now Obama has be "fired up and ready to go!"

* Barack Obama has laid out a comprehensive plan for the economy that will put the American Dream within reach for every American. It’s a plan that starts by ending the tax breaks we give to companies that ship our jobs overseas and putting them in the pockets of working families who are struggling to pay the bills. That means up to $1000 in tax relief for 95% of working Americans.

* The second thing he’ll do is bring down the rising cost of health care so we can ensure that every single American has affordable, quality health insurance. Obama’s health care plan does more to cut costs than any other plan in this race, saving the typical family up to $2500 a year on premiums. It will allow every American to get health care as good as Members of Congress have, and we will provide subsidies for every single American who still can’t afford it. And he’ll pass this plan the same way he expanded health care coverage in Illinois – by bringing Republicans and Democrats together to get it done.

* The third part of Obama’s economic plan is to invest in our competitive future by finally making a college education affordable for every American. He’ll create a new and fully refundable tax credit worth $4,000 for tuition and fees every year, which will cover two-thirds of the tuition at the average public college or university. And he’ll tap the tremendous resource of community colleges by creating a new Community College Partnership Program that will expand new degrees for emerging fields and reward schools that graduate more students. That’s the change we need so that our young people can achieve their dreams.

* The fourth part of Obama’s plan is to protect homeowners who are struggling in the current market. When this crisis first hit several months ago, Obama proposed that we give tax breaks to millions of hard-working homeowners struggling to make their payments and offer direct relief to the victims of mortgage fraud. And he also outlined a program to make it easier for people to renegotiate their mortgages – because what we need now is a real solution, not just a band-aid.


Yoli said...

Dude, I'm not convinced at all by him truth be told. Read up on Clinton. Glad you're involved though.

Emily said...

Did you know he went to a Radical Muslim school outside of the U.S. growing up and his step-father/father figure is a radical Muslim. He is being backed by a Christian group to hide his Muslim background. Just thought I would let you know.

petie said...

just to let you know, I think it's hilarious that as soon as you posted your "support" of Obama (which it's really just his plan, not even necessarily blind support), that people immediately said "Well did you know this...this..yada yada."

All I know is that EVERY candidate has crap on their tray. I'm pulling for Obama from the Democratic Side.

I'm pulling for Huckabee from the Republican side.

All in all, I just don't want Hilary to win.

stephanie said...

i dont know about you but im ready for a president that's not too hard on the eyes. haha jk. im so over whos voting for whom....its not like we ACTUALLY have a say anyway...its up to the electoral college...because us americans are too stupid to chose a leader. ahhh democracy.

Zook said...

something to think about Em! Companies don't pay taxes! For a company taxes are an expense of doing business. All expenses a company pays are passed onto the consumer. So if companies pay more taxes in reality you and I pay more taxes. Ignorance is Bliss and it makes great political press to say we're going to stick it to the big bad profitable business. In reality when we get businesses to pay more taxes we are ignorantly increasing our own taxes.
Take some time to really examine some of your other political thoughts! Wish you all the best.