Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Kite Runner

So I am on the road (right now in a hotel in Joplin Missouri) but I started this book today. I am really into it, I can't even begin so if you read it (please don't give away anything) BUT I would love to hear your thoughts. I love his writing style but this is not what I would normally read. Winterwood (my old job) is doing a book club and I wanted to stay connected. Its really sad but I feel like I am learning so much.


Yoli said...

I read it several years ago and enjoyed the narratives about what was going on politically. The story is so sad and hopeful at the same time. My kind of story.

stephanie said...

umm i finshed reading it christmas eve because i couldn't sleep... any man....it was waaaay depressing. but i liked it...but it hurt me. cecia's reading it now too!