Tuesday, February 20, 2007


As you can tell I have been in the mood to shop!
(sorry Josh WAY girly post lately)
Only thing is I don't have any money nor need for anything new!
So I'll blog! I found these here.

So my favorite red shoes that I got in Ireland years ago have about had it.
I thought I could go with a fun new color but these might be to much for my black/grey/white wardrobe. They are cute though.
Found them at shoes. com but through a really cool site that helped me narrow down my search. I could stay on it all day but I guess I should study now!


Anonymous said...

oooh those flats are so cute!!

where are they from?

Emily said...

there is a link to the website if you link on "i found these here" I thought they were cute too!

m worsham said...

i like the green tennis shoes a lot!... i dunno about those other ones though

Lizy said...

Greats shoes!Those flats are looking awesome..those green
tennis shoes..i like them a lot..good post.