Thursday, February 22, 2007

Inspiration of the day

Cool things from fellow bloggers that caught my eye today!
Was reminded of my love for David Yurman.
I am sure I couldn't afford anything on this site but very sexy and fun to look at.
Kitting for Obama. I half think this is totally cool and half think its so funny!!
I googled Post Secrets and Bill Maher.
Browsed here.
Got ready for Grey's tonight!
Found out that Sex and the City might actually become a moive!!!
and said goodbye to Peter's blog.


Cameron said...

for some reason, i'm pretty much obsessed with this post.

yoli said...

Em, I just went through your blog and love it. It gave me a way to kill some time and I learned about the Urban Baby line, something Steph wouldn't normally share with me (probably fearing that I'd yell out something about product placement.)