Wednesday, August 05, 2009

IT- review

My Boss sent a link to this article after I told him about my experience at my home church this past weekend. I don't necessarily agree with the article but found it interesting. I wish there was a church that could 100% perfectly represent Jesus how he was... I really wish I could be a person who did.

In 2000, I became a Christian at the age of 23. Two years later, I was working at one of the largest churches in the country. After two more years, I left that job to help start a brand new church. Four years later, I stopped attending church. church, to attending church, to working in a church, to starting a church, to leaving the church - all in less than eight years. Now, I am visiting 52 churches in 52 weeks in order to redefine my faith. This is reflection 31 of 52.

Remember how kid's shows always had a word of the day? Like "ball," and then they would spend the whole episode discussing balls.

This week's word for stop 31 of the Church Experiment is "contradIcTion."

First, I'm going to contradict myself multiple times. Including a huge contradiction at the very end, so no matter how judgmental I may sound throughout this post, you have to keep reading until the very last sentence. Second, I'm going to discuss my visit to Southland in a way that highlights many of their contradictions (from an outsider's perspective). You'll see what I mean.

First, a little backstory: a young lady from Kentucky began following the Church Experiment months ago. As I recall, from the beginning, she wanted me to come visit her church in Lexington. The only thing I know about Lexington is that I loathe UK basketball, so a trip seemed unlikely. Then, a while back, she gave me an update about "IT." Southland began a summer-long marketing blitz for a series beginning August 1st, titled IT. No one knew what IT was, only that IT was going to be huge. My interest was piqued, so Saturday night, I made the 90-minute drive from Cincinnati to Lexington to experience IT firsthand.

When I first pulled into Southland's parking lot, I was overwhelmed (in a good way). I literally had to park so far away from the main building that I expected an airport shuttle to go racing by. Even though I arrived on Southland's campus five minutes early, I walked into the building a minute late. That's how far away I had to park.

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