Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ken Starr, who led the campaign to impeach President Bill Clinton, filed a legal brief last month -- on behalf of the "Yes on 8" campaign -- that would forcibly divorce 18,000 same-sex couples that were married in California last year before the passage of Prop 8.

Watch "Fidelity" and see what you think about this issues. Please do not leave any hate or remarks that I will have to remove from my blog.



Brandy said...

Wow, I had no idea he was doing this! Thanks so much for sharing that video. I think what got me teared up was seeing the older couples, the one couple had been together for 43 years! Who is Ken Starr, or anyone else to say that they don't deserve marriage?

Petie said...

I'm not entirely sure what the video is trying to accomplish. I feel like it's trying to tug at the strings of my heart, as if to say "look, gay couples are happy, don't ruin their happiness". But pictures of couples smiling doesn't really do it for me, and I think with or without these 18,000 marriages being recognized that these couples and families will be the same regardless.

Listen, this is really 2 separate conversations. First, you've got the conversation about legislation and legalities. Then you've got the old moral debate.

The first discussion about legalities. Because proposition 8 went through, should that then nullify what was once legal? Very tricky question. When "status" issues are dealt with we have to look at how it's been done in the past. Especially in regards to marital benefits like taxes, etc. Let's assume Proposition 8 stands for the rest of eternity. These 18,000 couples will be gone in a matter of 50 years and things will be back to the way they were prior to November. So the question is really "do we allow these 18,000 couples to retain the benefits and status that comes with marriage for the rest of their lives, even though we aren't allowing that to anyone now?" I vote no simply because laws change all the time and we don't get people saying "but hey, you've got to let me do it the way it was done before!". I think if you make this exception, it may lead to some other slippery slopes legally. So just from a legal standpoint, I don't see how their marriages can stand. But I may be way off on this.

From a moral standpoint: come on, we all know that morality is subjective. Being a Christ-follower, my morals are based on His. I believe that it's a sin to be a practicing homosexual. I believe that it doesn't lead to the best life possible. I don't believe that God is honored by it. But clearly people think otherwise.

HOWEVER, the LOVE issue of this absolutely boggles my mind. This video makes it seem like if these marriages are nullified, that these people now will be somehow "broken up". Come on now, homosexual couples have been living together and doing life together for years and years and years, way before it was legal in California. This doesn't change anything about their relationship and doesn't change anything for their kids. Using the word "divorce" is a stretch. Divorce is when two people decide to end their marriage and no longer be with each other. The "marriages" will end in this situation, but the relationships won't.

I think the gay community should be way more worried about getting Prop 8 overturned than worried about the 18,000 marriages being nullified. Prop 8 is a HUGE step back for them. The 18,000 marriages is an issue that won't matter in 2 years once the shock of Prop 8 going through is gone.

And maybe I'm wrong. But in trying to put myself in the shoes of the gay community, if my state no longer recognizes same-sex marriages....then it pretty much negates the ones that were recognized anyways from a mental and emotional standpoint. Isn't this a battle of principle when the rubber meets the road anyways?

Again, I may be off here.

Anonymous said...

Hey Emily! I haven't looked at your blog in FOREVER! Thomas left for Florida tonight and the kids are gone! I finally had a minute to myself and was thinking of you. I usually don't post anything, I just read to check in on you and see that you guys are well and move on. However, today reading this and seeing the video just pulls at my heart. There are so many problems in this world. So many things that need to be fixed! So many children suffering and they choose to spend their days on this? It just makes me sad. If all this effort was put into a meaningful project, something huge come from it versus this non-sense!

Emily said...

I guess I posted the video because it did pull at my heart. I feel like gays are fighting for equal rights just like women did and African Americans. I realize that some see it more of a choice, but its definitly not an easy one.

I don't know all the ends and outs of Prop 8 but I do think we live in a country that allows all religions, ideas, free speech, etc but not equal rights for this minority group.

As for Christians, we claim to be loving to this group of people but every time they turn around were telling them there living as sinners. I know a lot of people that fall into that category.

Fred Worsham said...

Hmmm, I just want to add a few things about this very touching video. I realize that people are against gay people getting married, and I can respect that. I love living in this country because we can all agree to disagree. That is what free speech is all about! I just have to say that gay people are one of the only minority groups in America today that are still OPENLY discriminated against and most people think that it is OK.

The LOVE issue shouldn't be mind boggling. Let me explain...if gay people rose up in protest and formed a gay malitia we might take over a state (lets say Rhode Island - Provincetown is SOO gay!). After we did this, we could then, by force, nullify all marriages. That would REALLY piss people off. You may even feel, as a straight person, like a second class citizen. It would devastate people, even though you would still love each other. Marriage is more than just a peice of paper.

Anywho, just wanted to put my two cents in...now on to the gay malitia plans. Rhode Island is lovely in the spring!

Yoli said...

The religious aspects that are normally equated with the word "marriage" have been a huge sell for non-supporters of gay marriage, I think. The whole "marriage is between a man and a woman" thing thus being subjective. Whether one believes homosexuality to be a sin or not, a choice or a way of being, the fact remains that gay partnerships go WAY back and will continue to thrive, openly or not, publicly supported or not.

This country was founded by people who wanted to keep Religion and Politics (Church and State) separate. Of course, no one can tell me (or anyone) that this has been totally upheld (especially not after the last 8 years). If you don't want to call it marriage, call it domestic partnership and give people equal coverage and protection under the law. Not everyone will agree with or support this. But not everyone agrees that convicted felons (US citizens) should be allowed to vote in elections.

The best Christians, or anyone claiming to live their faith, can do is lead by example and accept that not everyone is going to agree with their views on life, what's right or what's wrong. Denying someone rights or expressing hate otherwise never brought someone to Christ (that I know of). No matter what, we should still strive to treat each other with respect and love even if we don't agree with every choice someone makes.

Anonymous said...

Hey just wanted to say well said Fred Well said, U know I am behind you, It is so much more!!!! Love, Missy