Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obama's White House

Keeping Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense
Senator Clinton as Secretary of State
Evangelical pastor Rick Warren will deliver the
invocation at the presidential inauguration next month.

* I am really excited about what Obama is doing.
Even though I am a democrat I like to see he isn't choosing single minded people
What do you think? It will be interesting!


Yoli said...

As someone who didn't support him in the primary, I've been pretty impressed and excited about the transition. He's been on the ball so far. I'm glad to see he isn't appointing all Dems, but seems to be keeping things diverse politically and "socially". Here's to a better presidency!

Emily said...

Thank Yoli! I am always interested in hearing your opinion on politics!

Lizzie W. said...

I read an article about him in the beginning of the campaign comparing him with Bush.

Bush was described to be someone who likes to have all like minded people around him. His meetings consist of him talking and his cabinet listening. If someone didn't agree, they were out pretty quickly.

Obama was described as being quiet for most of his meetings. He likes to wait and see what people are going to say without giving them an idea of what he's thinking so that they don't immediately formulate their opinions around his. If someone is quiet, he calls them out.

I like that and it seems to go along with his idea of making allies out of his adversaries.

As a nation we need to see every problem from as many perspectives as possible.

Yay Obama!

Anonymous said...