Sunday, October 05, 2008

Blue Bucket Photography

The following blog post I found through Sara Jane who has some beautiful picture on Blue Bucket blog. If you live in the Charolette, NC area you need to look up this fabulous photographer- I am WAY moved by this project.

It's time to BELIEVE

Today I am officially kicking off the BELIEVE project! This project, originally concepted by Erin Vey, has been stirring in my heart for quite some time and with the help of copywriter extraordinaire, Kristin Kelly, I have wrapped my words around my thoughts and I'm ready to help make this come to life here!

The quote:
"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful."
Sophia Loren

The goal:
The goal? Empower you, the women around me, to see yourself from a new angle. To enjoy what others love seeing in you—grace, love, humility, confidence, talent, sincerity, fierceness, loyalty, laughter and joy. The fact of the matter is that we are bombarded all the time with images that tell us how we should define beauty, and I have had a lifetime of wrestling with how I fit within these definitions of beauty. This project is all about empowering women to believe in their own beauty.

Think about this: when you look around your house, how many photos do you have displayed of yourself? I’m guessing there are wedding photos, family photos, and maybe a few random snap shots. But what about a beautiful image of you? Just you? Well now is your chance.

The style:
Each image will be unique to each woman because our definitions of beauty can range and my desire is for these images to capture that uniqueness. I will shoot on location in natural light.

How does this work?:
- Email me if are interested in participating in this project:
- I will offer you a photo/portrait session, free of charge.
- Ideally groups of 4-10 women will participate in this together and I will work to schedule shoots with each woman over the course of several weeks.
- Either before or after your shoot I ask that you write a few words about why you are participating, claim a quote or verse that captures you, or something about how this has impacted/influenced your perception of your own beauty.
- Once all the shoots have been completed for that group, a “BELIEVE Reveal Party” will be scheduled. At the reveal party all the women come together to have some wine/cheese/dessert and to reveal the final product from their shoots, gallery style.

The adventure of this project excites me beyond measure because I believe in the captivating and unique beauty of the women who surround me, and I am convinced that anyone who participates in this project will truly believe as well. Again a HUGE thank you goes out to Erin Vey for creating this idea and inspiring me to make the BELIEVE concept come to life here in Charlotte.


Sara Jane said...

You are so sweet Em! I'm sure Amy will be so excited to see this post. I think it would be awesome for other photographers to try this project, and then start a site where they share them all!

Hope the Vegas is treating you well!

Amy said...

Emily! Love it! Thank you so much for your post. It is exciting to think about how this can make an impact on women all over. You rock.

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