Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democratic Convention- Donald Miller's Prayer

This is a prayer we should always be praying...“I make these requests in the name of Your son Jesus, who gave his own life against the forces of injustice.
Let Him be our example…Amen”


cole chambers said...

Amen. you dont know me but i was surfing the web and found a link to your blog through Petie Kinder. Im a friend of his. Great stuff. I LOVED that prayer. I think that all Christ followers should get behind a prayer like that, regardless of thier partisan postitions.

cole chambers(www.flawedservant.wordpress.com)

CMarkle said...

Um! You may like what this man had to say, but it isn't the truth. Jesus didn't give his life against the forces of injustice, he laid down his life to take on himself the JUST (not injust) wrath and punishment of a holy God for the sin which we have perpetrated against him.

So the prayer may sound nice but it doesn't even make sense, is way off the point of the Gospel and it makes me wonder if Don Miller even knows the Jesus in who's name he is praying?

Emily said...

cmarkle- i ofcourse agree that Jesus did not have to die on the cross for my sins, I am very thankful for the grace he has extended to us. I believe however that when Jesus was here he stood up for the injustice against his people, not because we deserve it but because he loves us. I believe as a Christ follower I should stand up for the injustice in our world today- those who have less then me. Jesus loved the prostitutes and the tax collectors. I believe when follower of Christ who understand his mission (like Donald Miller) get involved in politics its a good thing.

Eid gifts to Pakistan said...

i think I think that all Christ followers should get behind a prayer like that. The prayer is very sound.
It is also our responsibility to fought for justice in our society.