Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cool People Care - Go Green at the Office


Green Jobs by Sam Davidson | Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Whether you're printing a rough draft for a meeting or a letter to your senator, make sure you follow these easy steps for a greener print job:

Following simple steps like these will help you go green at work.

CoolPeople CarPool

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Yoli said...

I wish more people around my office thought about this. Some people put a disclaimer at the end of their e-mail messages asking people to "please consider the environment before printing this message". Few people do however. I've put some recycling procedures into play since I started working at my job though. Some have gone along with the example. Some not-so-much.

Tae said...

Becoming more printer-saavy is one of the most effective steps to take in office greening. When you feel like greening your office further, then you can take bigger strides like getting your office LEED certified and adopting a green purchasing policy. For more tips on ways to green your office visit