Tuesday, April 15, 2008

NPR and Sex in the City meets!

Yoli let me know that Kim Cattrall aka Samantha from Sex in The City was on NPR. So I listened. Love her. Did you know she was in Mannequin? Do you remember that movie!!
Well they talked about Prohibition:
"What American needs now, is a drink!" -Franklin Roosevelt


Cameron said...

i accidentally stumbled upon a spoiler for the new sex and the city movie. i won't tell anybody what it is or where i saw it...maybe you saw it, too...but it makes me a little less excited about the movie.

Sara Jane said...

I love that movie! She is too funny in it. I would have loved to hear her on NPR!

stephanie said...

i used to love this movie! hahaha

Yoli said...

Oh that movie was my first Kim introduction! The part where they do that music video in the store....classic!

Glad you liked the piece. April 10th (I believe) was the 75th Anniversary of the end of Prohibition. Repealing the 18th Amendment by passing the 21st into law. People went more than 10 years without a beer, although bootleg hard liquor was still available throughout that time. Who says history can't be fun?