Sunday, February 03, 2008

Trader Joe's

I love this grocery store.
My aunt gave me a gift card for Christmas and I have enjoyed it so much.
Its a good thing its not close to us because I never get anything practical.
Today (since its holiday to Nate being Super Bowl Sunday and all) we ate great steak from Traders and I got there winter blend coffee that is amazing.
I also love there 2 buck chuck wine. I can even drink some red from there.
Anyways, if your lucky enough to live in a city with Trader Joe's you need to go!Happy Birthday to Megan!
This is the last time I saw her, our annual Deer Hunt.
The guys deer hunt- we shop, eat, this year wine tasted.
I miss her!


Shannon said...

I also love this grocery store! Obviously, there aren't any here in Bloomington, but they just opened one by my house in MI and there a bunch of them in DC. they have great chocolate covered things!

m worsham said...

aww thanks!! i miss you too!