Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tea Time

Another cute on I couldn't get a picture of at Anthropologie.
I've been thinking a lot about Christmas gifts. My grandmother loves tea pots.
Which do you like? Idea Oh Joy. Image Design Sponge.


Anonymous said...

love these. Ive decided i want to get into tea. green tea especially but I still need to find a way to drink it without gagging... its just so bitter! But i love these cute tea sets!


m worsham said...

i like the blue one from target.... but i'm not really a blue fan if they had this one in green i would love it! and my grandpa has been collecting stuff for a long time and a couple weeks ago he brought over like over 150 tea pots and like 300 sets of salt/pepper shakers! haha anyway she would probably like some of them

Mandy said...

I love the bottom set! So fun and colorful!!

stephanie said...

when i worked at the art institute they had this really cute butterfly tea set. it was like 40 bucks.

those tea sets are cute..i HATE tea though....i think id get a tea set and drink milk shakes instead....or hot chocolate.

the end.

Peter said...

Celeste- Green tea should steep for no more than 3 minutes as it gets more bitter than most teas. That may be part of your problem. I enjoy an organic green that I pick up at Good Foods with some Florida Organic raw sugar (fine, not course).

Emily- More important then the pot is what you put inside. What kinds of tea do you drink?

Sara Jane said...
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