Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Halle Berry

Love her.
Love the dress.
Not so sure about the pregnant boobs showing.
Image Just Jared.


Cameron said...

her boobs are amazing. i can't get over it. and i don't give a rats butt about boobs, but i was like, "woah...go halle!"

stephanie said...

yea ...i saw the boobs on perez hilton and i was like...omgosh they look perfect...those cant be real. she must be wearing a wonder bra or something

Shannon said...

yeah. when i first saw them, i thought they were for sure going to be fake...but nope. i think that are very nice looking also.

Mandy said...

those boobs are out there! i am slightly scared!!

Brooke said...

those boobs kinda make me nauseated.