Tuesday, October 09, 2007


My mother is the hardest person to buy for. If money wasn't an option I would get her this $875 Kate Spade purse... since that isn't going to happen I need HELP! any ideas?


m worsham said...

what?? you don't just have $875 to spare??? haha just kidding...but seriously, a good gift for moms is always a gift certificate to get a massage!! i know your mom gets mani/pedis(that's what i get my mom) a lot so a massage may be different! or she really likes coffee, so try to find some cool coffee or flavors or something.. i dunno just some thoughts.... i'll re post if i can think of anymore i like thinking of presents!

stephanie said...

maybe you should get a picture of you and her from either recently (maybe your wedding) or from a long time ago, black and white it, frame it, put a cute inscription on it about loving her and what not, and thats that.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you get, please, DO NOT!!! give her a scratch out Get Well card with Happy Birthday written on top of the scratch like one of your friends did. Guess who.