Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I love organizations like this...

Annie Lobért is recognized nationwide and throughout
the world for her expertise and knowledge of the sex industry. Having survived over 11 years working as a prostitute and high-class escort in Las Vegas, Annie knows first hand the harmful affects that a life in the adult entertainment industry can have on a person.

The sex industry is a game. And unfortunately, many people lose the fight by selling themselves short of their true destiny. In 2005, Annie started reaching out to the women on the strip and in the casinos that were prostitutes. Then in 2006, she came up with a name that caused controversy on many levels called, "Hookers for Jesus." In January 2007, Annie lost her regular job at an automotive company. Bad news for some ... but great news for Annie! She knew that losing her job was actually a sign from God to go full steam ahead into full time ministry ... because this was and IS her heart's desire ... to help people in any way that she can!!! She has not looked back ever since!

Although based in Las Vegas, the ministry of Hookers for Jesus in reaches out to men and women in the sex industry nationwide. It is Annie's heart desire to see her friends released from spiritual bondage, healed of their wounds, and set free from their lives in the game.

To that end, Annie is committed to going wherever the Lord leads, in order to bring those that remain in the darkness ... into the light. She is uniquely qualified and equipped with the strategic tools of intercession, spiritual warfare, and cross-cultural evangelism. In addition, she is trained, called, and set apart to recruit, equip, and mobilize Christians from every local church to take the message of hope and grace to the streets.


Mandy said...

I love stories like this! It is wonderful what she is doing!! yay for her and everyone she helps along the way!

Yoli said...

Dude Em, that is so awesome to hear! You always bring my attention to such cool causes and inspiring things. Right on! Oh, and thanks for the book recommendation! I'll check it out just cause.