Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Format

I am going to The Format concert in Cincinnati sometime soon. Its a birthday present to my husband but I don't know their music- if anyone is a big fan let me know what songs I should be listening to! I will have to get my husband to make me a CD.


stephanie said...

umm heeeelooo but ive been loving marc forever! they are not random. jlo i gotta love cuz who knows she might be my cousin.

gotta support the boricua side of me.

Shannon said...

the format are great in concert!
the first single, and i'm ready, i am, are pretty good songs.

stephanie said...
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stephanie said...

do you say "my husband" on purpose cuz you think its cool and like to say it a lot to set yourself apart from the non-married people (meant in the nicest of ways)? cuz i know that when my sister first got married she liked saying it a lot. it reminds me of the seinfeld episode when jerry and elaine were at george's friends party in the subarbs and this woman at the party kept saying "where is my fiance?" "aww my poor baby" elaine replied in an austrialian accent, "maybe the dingo ate your baby". it was all VERY hilarious. ask nate about it. anywho...just wondering.