Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I have been trying to find something I am passionate about. I have worked a little with two different agencies that help the prevention of HIV/AIDS. Now that I am passionate about. Its a disease people are ignorant about. Some think no way could they get it, some think its just a gay mans disease, and others may be fearful of someone carrying which causes a probably for stigmas and other prejudice. Anyways this is a few websites/organizations that I have found.

HIV Care Link
Postive Link
Do Something

Most big cities have organizations such as AVOL/Postive Link. Most have AIDS walks or other events you can get involved in. Just google it. This disease is greatly affecting our country but more largely Africa.


Mandy said...

I am trying to find a job fundraising for AIDS, health care groups, environmental organizations, or just anything that helps other people! So excited you are passionate about similar things! I agree with you, more people just need to be aware.

stephanie said...

good job em. i like how are you eager to help the cause.

Tina said...

an easy way to benefit these organizations (and the people they help) is to buy MAC viva glam lipsticks and lipglass. there are 6 shades of lipstick and 2 shades lipglass. they cost $14 each, and every single cent of that $14 goes to the MAC AIDS fund, which in turn distributes it to places like AVOL and moveable feast (who delivers meals to HIV/AIDS patients.) if you're going to buy makeup anyway, might as well have it be for a great cause!
p.s. emily, your wedding lipstick/ gloss were viva glam 6. way to practice what you preach!