Thursday, July 26, 2007

Emily's 5 Commandments on Dressing for Your Body

Mandy Moore listed her 10 commandments in the new In style. Here mine go my 5:
1. Find Your Style
This was Mandy's too. I like it.
2. Don't Focus on Labels
She said DO but who really cares.
3. You can never go wrong with black
4. If your top is baggy your bottom shouldn't
be and vis versa
5. Stay away from too tight or too short always!


m worsham said...

i agree with all of those except the top baggy = bottom not baggy.... i gotta have all of my clothes baggy!! i like to cover the rolls haha

Maria said...

These are good rules to live by. I agree with all of them

Anonymous said...

I like these... maybe im still trying to find my style... you might have to know what it is to find it.... and i think you said it modest is hottest... sometimes its not always best to show what your momma gave you!!

Shannon said...

em, of course your list includes i love for black clothing...i agree with that for sure!

stephanie said...

i dont know about you but i love to show what my moma gave me. all the time. celeste doesn't know what shes talking about

m worsham said...

hahaha i love me some stephanie!