Sunday, June 10, 2007

I've never felt either way towards Jessica Biel but in the new Cosmo she talkes about Make the Difference Network, a website that hooks people up with nonprofit organizations.Now I have never really liked her BUT I am just feeling sorry for her right now. If you don't know she went to jail- got out because of some "medical condition"- was suppose to be in house arrest for 40 days- the got sent back to jail again apparently screaming and crying. You may think whatever of her before now but obviously she has issues and needs Jesus/love.


Cameron said...

she does have issues, but i think she should serve her 23 days. if i had violated my parole like that, i would've had to serve the 45 probably. so i think she should serve it.

anyway, whatever.

Susan Toups said...

Love Jessica Biel!
Of Course Paris needs Jesus, but I don't feel sorry. I can tell you right now if I had ever violated my probation the way she did I would have served my sentence. I sat in court too many times and saw too may violators sent up to serve their time, hard time, for violations. Paris is getting special treatment because of who she is and I can only imagine how many people have been paid off to keep her out of the general population. Personally I think a little time with the normal people would have done here some good.