Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This week

My friend Whit is in Crazy for you starting this weekend! I am going on Thursday and I am so excited! I have never seen this play! Check it out here.

AND Saturday come run for charity. My work is walk/running in a 5k race for the Chrysalis House. They are a center for women who have substance abuse issues. My mom is on the board, you can register online here and if you want to be on our team were the Winterwood Hedgehogs!!


Yoli said...

Em, you always have a new cause to turn me on to! Steph is going to love all of our similarities when she gets back. Good luck with the run!

Yoli said...

Also, Wii rules!!! I loves me some bowling and golf...though I hate real golf.

wayear2 said...

yeah you are awesome!!!!!