Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Inspirations of the day

This is a baby doll NOT a real baby. Designerblock/Wendy'sbabies
Cute bags I found through MMP/lill

How cute are they?? Cameron/Prez
Chrysalis House- Run/Walk my mom is hosting a team! Join us!
Psalm 90-91


m worsham said...

oooh man! i did NOT know they were dating!!! i love them!!! that makes my heart happy!

Jennifer Ramos said...
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Jennifer Ramos said...

saw those baby dolls, they are so real. I emailed one of the designers and she quoted me about 500 British pounds.

Jennifer Ramos


Emily said...

I am not sure what you would do with a baby doll that cost $1000 but they are very real looking!

Mandy said...

I absolutely adore rachel mcadams and i love her and ryan....they seem to fit (not that that means much in hollywood)...those baby dolls are insane! they look so real!!

Anonymous said...

Em, Those babies are awesome. A little on the creepy side but still awesome. I love you Missy

Belinda said...

The Notebook is one of my absolute favourite movies, so Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams being a real life couple is just so romantic!

They are gorgeous and would make anyone believe in true love.

PS Thanks for visiting my blog and for the wedding tips ;o)