Sunday, April 22, 2007

Inspiration of the day

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANNY! She is wonderful and I treasure her dearly (tomorrow is my friend's MB's birthday BIG 21 I love her too)
I took Prez Hilton's link off my blog today b/c of his inappropriateness and my lack of care for what he talks about.
Also had a great time at my new church this Sunday. My husband is a youth minister and were really loving it- today wasn't a day I wished Jesus would come back b/c I know were here for a reason but many days with all the hurt I wonder why? He hasn't. I think that is why I blog- to get away.
Love these plates!
I think this book would be cool to get for my Granny so I could pass on her history.

She is starting her own font, my two thoughts: 1)Who is she really? I know the name/pretty face but can't think of her "whatever" off the top of my head 2) Is she really?? Your thought?
Information from here.


m worsham said...

um i love that book! I just ordered one for my mom for mothers day! thanks!

Tina said...

how the hay does someone get to start their own font? and really, why would they want to? wierd.

Susan Toups said...

I am so glad you took Prez Hilton off!!

Mandy said...

your own font? you can do that? so interesting....i too am thinking about getting that book for my mom!