Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Inspiration of the day

My friend Megan for starting my day off right with a morning run and ears that are always willing to listen, Stephanie for her funny e-mails and 20 second phone call (yesterday) all the way from Spain, and my fabulous husband for just being himself.

Can't get enough of her even though her clothing line doesn't sound all that great!

I would totally buy this! found here.
The video about How Thin is Too Thin? from Cameron's blog.
TiNte cometics store, fun.


Anonymous said...

I ditto those inspirations! All three of those people are mighty fabulous!


wayear2 said...

when i am famous will you put my clothing line on your blog?

Anonymous said...

I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

mb :)

stephanie said...

two new blogs. complete with pictures.