Sunday, February 25, 2007


Oscars go green.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Gore presented this
tips for saving energy on

This was my favorite dress of the night.

I thought she was just great!

I thought she was beautiful.
The bow is different but I liked it.

#1 Rule for picking out a dress for the Oscars.
NO two tones.


Shannon said...

i thought jennifer lopez looked amazing also!

Peter said...

what one must find remarkable is the hypocrisy in Hollywood. Environment they speak, yet they act with waste. Consider the following:
1 - John Travolta travels on his own personal Boeing 707. He ferries his family between their homes on a private jet. This is wasteful!

2 - Barbara Streisand spends $22,000 watering her lawn and air conditions her 12,000 sq.ft. barn. This is waste!

3 - Al Gore. According to the Tennessee Center for Policy Research his monthly electric bill shows he uses more kWh in one month than the average American uses in a year. Plus, his usage has gone up since he produced "An Inconvenient Truth". What a waste!

In all, Hollywood is hypocritical on the environment. And I'll side with the environment over Hollywood any day. seems to be dedicated to both, which should raise questions. :-)

Cameron said...

peter you're funny.

but i agree.

and i hope to avoid being hypocritical.

but don't suck the fun out of everything.

megan worsham said...

i think nicole kidman is hot... and i think the queen lady is cool too

Peter said...

I am a fun-sucker. yes. i know.

and i am fond of you both!

oh, and Nicole Kidman isn't my fave. Prince William has good taste - Kate Middleton is gorgeous. she just topped a natural beauty poll.