Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Maldonado Family

I love these women. and its great for you because now all 3 of them have blogs. Yoli has picked back up on hers. They all have such different personalities, taste, interest and are in different places in their lives. Its been a blessing to have Steph in my life and get to know her sisters! It would be even better if their mom started a blog- that would defenitly be worth reading!
Yoli. Liz. Steph.


Lizzie W. said...

Aw! So Sweet! The feeling is 100% mutual!

Yoli Maldonado said...

Ditto Em! We love ya!

stephanie said...

awww i love us too. hahaha i had a dream the other night and you, nate, zach, your mom, and your dad were all in it!! lol love you guys too.