Friday, February 16, 2007

Love Love Love it!

Super cute and it comes in different colors too!

My friend Celeste just took my really nice road bike back to school with her, it was collecting dust in my parents garage. If I lived somewhere else (better riding areas, warmer, ect.) then I would want an old fashion/vintage bike. Vintage everything is fabulous. I have two vintage chairs in my apartment- the seats are recovered and you would never know there old BUT I like to pretend they are antiques!

Domino mag descibes this bathroom as soothing. I LOVE IT! The bathtub is just what I want, the unique mirror and fab hard wood that you don't see in bathrooms often! I wouldn't do the pink BUT the mirror, bathrub, and I would adore a love seat and my closet in my bathroom! How ideal! I have an obsession with bathrooms right now- but also have a thing for old doors! I want to make a table out of one!

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Mandy said...

I LOVE this magazine!! I want to work for them:)