Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I love Julia

Julia Roberts has been one of my favorite actresses since I saw Pretty Woman years ago. Love her! I heard she was pregnant again with #3 so I got scared she wouldn't be doing any movies for awhile- her most recent was Charlotte's Web and even though I loved it as a kid I want to actually see her in a movie! Well were in luck she has two in production- one with Tom Hanks! love him too- saw Philadelphia for the first time recently and what an awesome was to use your fame to make a movie that is for more then just entertainment.


Susan Toups said...

Ok, loved Philadelphia, don't love Julia. Ever since she got up at the Democratic National Convention and said she looked up Republican in the dictionary and found it between reptile and repugnant. I am not even a Republican. I just really don't care to have the political views of some actor forced upon me.

Emily said...

so mabye i just love her as an actress. i don't know much else about her. but i always liked that she is more private then most!

Cameron said...

i like julia roberts as an actress. but with most people in hollywood i have to take them like that. like their work, don't really like them. although i never disliked her. i'm not real crazy about the republican comment although i'm not super crazy about the republican party right now either.

ah politics...they give me a headache. although i am discovering that i have some really strong viewpoints on some things.