Monday, January 15, 2007

A tribute to Stephanie

My friend Steph started a blog. She is gone all semester to Spain. She kinda crazy so her blog should have some fun stuff- look at these pictures and you will get the point! I miss her already!

Steph and I on her 19th birthday. She thinks it looks like I am on a missions trip...we look really young.

Little 5 weekend!

Steph with the drunk scary guys checking her out while I got my tattoo

These are my girls at IU we were celebrating Steph's 20th birthday! She LOVES birthdays, she will be in Spain for her 21st BUT I get to go see her shortly after it!

I don't know...

In Chicago- her homeland

Cocktail party befor the wedding!

Beautiful bridesmaid at my wedding- but she is dancing on my man!!


Cameron said...

aw i love stephanie!!!!

stephanie said...

girl you crazy. but you know i love the attention!!! hahaha miss you

Lizzie W. said...

You guys are so cute! Thanks for posting this Emily!

Emily said...
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megan said...

i miss her... and em... i'm just excited that i can comment on here now! yay! :)

Emily said...

YEAH! I know I just figured out how to let everyone comment! I miss her too :(