Friday, January 26, 2007


Kristen and David are a great couple- I told you about them before. They have their wedding registery set up to give to their favorite charities. Check it out! but also I like their photographer. I think its great how certain photographers fit certain couples. I think Melanie was faboulous and went with the flow of our wedding and just by looking at Jessie Kriech website I can see why Kristen and David loved her! Our friends Petie and Brittnay are getting married Febuary 3rd and are using Angela Anderson who is great too! Now that our wedding is over I am just loving watching everyone else's - its such a joyous time! If you need to know names of anyone in the Lexington area for weddings I'm your gal!! Let me know! The fun for us now is getting our pictures back- were waiting in anticipation because I know Melanie will have some wonderful shots!! I'll share them when I get them!

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