Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Vegas

Went to Vegas this weekend. Nate and I wanted to get married but didn't. I did see some fabulous things. Cirque du Soleil's Love which was about the Beetles, we stayed at the The Venetian- amazing, I am not a big gambaler (only lost $20) but the shopping is wonderful! My brother and mom saw Barbra Streisand with il Divo who aparently are incredible and their new album comes out November 27th, could be a good Christmas present for a music lover!! All in all The Vegas was grand, I was ready for home and came back exhausted with jet lag, a cold, but lots of fun memories! One of my favorites was watching the Bellagio Fountain with Nate

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stephanie said...

very cool. im jealous. take me with you next time you go to vegas. well, on second thought, dont...i might just get too wild and crazy. haha glad you had a good time with the fam though!!!