Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Cross

Nate's moms friends had a shower for us this weekend. It was really nice. One of her friends got us a wire cross, somewhat like this one. Nate and I have been collecting crosses for the past few months to put in our home. The woman who gave us one did not know this and its just perfect. If you know where we can get really cool crosses online or in Lexington let us know! I'm debating ordering this one but i think I'll wait and see what I can find and what I might need!


Cameron said...

lew's aunt makes stained glass crosses. i don't usually like stained glass, but you can pick your colors and the style and stuff. i dunno, i think it's cool.

Cindi said...

Emily...did you ever find more crosses. Just stumble upon this post (old posts never die) and I wanted to thank you for featuring my cross in your blog. I am the maker of that cross. Let me know if I can help you adorn more walls in your home!